About Us :-

As of 06/02/2021 this is a new website and is under developement.

Please bear with us whilst we create & post the content we hope will make this site into the fantastic learning resource we intend it to be.

The Aims & Objectives Of This Website

Whilst we will on this site publish some quite in-depth Excel tutorials for many of the basic & advanced functions, it is not our intention to try and show readers how to use all of the functions within Excel. This resource will go some way towards showing how to effectively program Excel macros but is not intended to be a one stop resource in that respect. We aim to provide you with the tools needed to create effective & efficient Excel worksheets and applications that can be applied to most operational management environments. Please Feel free to download and customise them to suit your needs.

In doing this we do not purport that any files or content on this website have been created in the utmost perfect fashion. Just in a way that has been found to work efficiently by us. You may after seeing our examples be inspired to produce a better method of acheiving the same result. If so then perfect, please feel free to pass those improvements on to us and we will share them with other users.

Some Caveats

We wish to create safe and reliable formulae code segments, we can (and often do) make mistakes. Please backup copies of your files before using any formulae or code in this post. Backing up ensures that if anything goes seriously wrong, you can revert to a previous working version.

We will throughout the site provide links to other consenting third party websites that we feel may add something to your online experience, please note we can not be responsible for any errors or issues within their content or any issues that arise from the use of the content on this site or any third party sites linked to or recommended by us. This includes issues such as consequential data loss, malicious third paty malware, or spreadsheets and applications not performing as they are intended. It is entirely up to you the user to ensure that the formulas and coding you use in your spreadsheets are fit for their intended purpose.

If You Find An Error

If you do find errors, please let us know. Please use the contact section of this site to either email us or leave a message and provide as much information about the error as possible. Hopefully, over time, with your feedback, we can eradicate all the errors and turn this into an even better resource.

Error Handling / Trapping Within Code & Formulae

Error Handling mainly refers to code that is written to handle errors which occur when your application is running. These errors are normally caused by something outside your control like a missing file, database being unavailable, data being invalid etc.

Error Trapping is usually used to catch errors that a formula might encounter in a worksheet such as the #DIV/0! error, for example you can use the IFERROR function to display a custom message, or nothing at all to avoid this.

We may or may not use error trapping/Handling in the examples posted on this website. The presence or absense of error trapping/Handling should not be seen to be a statement that it is, or is not required. Generally we will not include this in our examples, though you may find it crop up from time to time. We will however attempt to separately offer thorough tutorials on the topic in the content posted on the website.

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