How To Create Production Routings For ERP Systems.

As anyone who has ever been involved with production engineering in a manufacturing environment can tell you, writing production routings can be a long winded, repetative and tedious business that is screaming out for automation.

In the example below I have created a routing generator to produce routings for a Laser/Plasma sheet steel cutting, forming, welding & painting business using the ERP system "ORACLE JDE". Formatting would need to be adjusted to suit other ERP systems.

With the click of a few dropdown selections & a button The routing generator will create production routings in an excel spreadsheet, in the correct format to be pasted into the ERP system.

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Firstly enter the part numer we are going to manufacture, then select the operations that the manufactured part must undergo from the operations drop down boxes and the various options available for that operation will appear so that you can select the correct variables required to carry out the operation as required.

You will notice that "OPERATION1" is not selectable because this is the cutting operation and must be performed by default, before the other operations.

For the simple part below we would just be plasma cutting a piece of 6mm steel and using a pressbrake to put two folds into it.

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Once these variables have all been selected as required, simply click the "GENERATE ROUTING" button.

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A new excel file containing your part's production routing will be created & saved in your chosen backup location. You can now simply cut and paste this into your ERP system.

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